Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kara and her Dolly

I have been working all week to get some bears done for ebay.  I had time to finish a bear for a trade I'm doing with a nice lady I met on ebay she makes really cute clay doll accessories and furniture.  She is also a miniature bear and animal artist.   I can't wait to get my cute giraffe.  Here are some pictures of the little bear and her doll.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Picture of Lily's bed and dolly

Here is some pictures of Lily's bed and dolly.

Lily and her bed

Here is a picture of my newest bear Lily.  Lily will come with her bed with purple bedding, cupcakes, doll, teddy bear, basket and books.  I hope to get her listed on ebay soon!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Teddy and his Halloween jammies

Teddy's Halloween Jammies

This is my second little Halloween bear for ebay.  This little guy is all ready for bed after a night of trick or treating.   Teddy will come with his little ghost and pumpkin stuffed toy, cupcake, Jack-o-lantern full of candy corns and sucker, bed with car and truck blanket, materess, pillows, Decorative box made by my Grandma, caramel apple, black mask and his fuzzy little blankie.

Wendy the little Witch Bear

Here is one of my newest Halloween bears for ebay this week.  The cute basket is made by my aunt Sally.  She is planning on making more to sell on ebay.  The little Witch bear will come with her Jack-0-lantern full of yummy candy corns and a sucker, broom, witches hat with spider, Decorative basket, Halloween quilt and a yummy cupcake and caramel apple.